Transgate Subtitling & Adaptation Tool

Transgate Subtitling and Adaptation tool:

Created by professionals in the field and tailor-made to suit their needs in daily operations, an online platform with a lot of useful features, an integrated grammatical AI, high security, and a user-friendly interface used and preferred by hundreds of satisfied users.

Translation services

TGSUB is a fully featured online subtitling and adaptation platform, which provides both clients and employees quick access to arrange and manage their workflow, and allows Quality control and management departments to monitor the progress of each project.

The subtitling tool contains all of the needed features to allow a team to work on the same file and offers a redundant way for translators to work anywhere they want as long as they can have internet access, plus it offers the possibility to translate files offline and re-upload them to the platform.

An integrated AI helps translators to pinpoint their errors and enforces each client’s terms and conditions regarding length, duration, and other restrictions. 

The Adaptation tool offers the employees at the adaptation department tools to work anywhere they want, as long as they have internet access, and the results will be a very professional adaptation document that can be used in production.

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